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Learn How to Paint Doors Like a Pro

How to Paint Doors Like a Pro — Fresh paint is not only good for helping to maintain a door, but it will also create a polished, well taken care of look and focal point for any room. You can learn how to paint doors like a pro. The following is a summary of some

How to Properly Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Tips for How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards — Are your kitchen cabinets worn-out, out-dated, or just plain ugly? Learn how to paint kitchen cupboards properly with these simple and useful tips and hints. How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards: Painting Kitchen Cabinets Painting your cupboards is an inexpensive way to spruce up or redecorate a kitchen.

How to Faux Paint Cabinets to Give a Shabby Chic Distressed Look

How to Faux Painting Cabinets to Create a Shabby Chic Distressed Effect — Wondering how to faux painting cabinets or paint faux aged cabinets? Several techniques, from using crackle glaze to sandpaper, can be employed, to give a realistic shabby chic distressed or aged effect, to any bathroom or kitchen cabinet. Preparation, How to Faux Painting

Indoor Water Features You Can Make Yourself

DIY Indoor Water Features — Water can be transformed into a work of art that enriches the environment through the senses. Water features are more than decorative, they help clean the impurities in the air that cause allergies and foster an atmosphere of tranquility that is good for the nervous system. DIY Indoor Water Features: Your

How to Refurbish a Dining Room Table

How to Refurbish a Dining Room Table — If your dining room needs updating, give that dining set a second chance, a few changes may be all that is needed for a fresh look. Maybe you have a piece of furniture lurking in the attic that is patiently waiting to be showcased or a dining