Featured of Holiday Door Decorating Ideas and Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating

Easy Holiday Door Decorating Ideas

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas and Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating — Using holiday door decorating ideas to spruce up the house does not have to be a big project. This article gives simple solutions to exterior Christmas decorating.

Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating and Holiday Door Decorating Ideas

Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating and Holiday Door Decorating Ideas

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas and Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating

Holiday door decorating ideas allow you to optimize your exterior Christmas decorating. This article explores some easy ideas to personalize your household door to express your holiday spirit. With simple paper, tape and markers, your door becomes an invitation for Santa and neighbors.

The Spirit of the Holidays

As the winter season approaches, thoughts turn to holiday door decorating ideas. Exterior Christmas decorating lets the entire neighborhood know you are ready and looking forward to the coming holidays. During the rush of the season, often there is not time to spend on elaborate door decorations. Using the ideas mentioned here, you can create a tasteful look without spending excessive amounts of time.

Before you begin, take into consideration what the holiday means to you. Decorate your door according to the spirit of the holiday you wish to convey to all who pass by or through and into your home.

The Classic Wreath

Over the ages, the Christmas wreath has become a staple in holiday door decorations. The circular items typically made of artificial or natural evergreen branches range from highly simplistic to elaborate. As holiday door decorating ideas go, the wreath is often first on the list.

Wreath Christmas Decoration - Holiday Door Decorating Ideas and Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating

Wreath Christmas Decoration (Holiday Door Decorating Ideas and Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating)

The first thought when using a wreath for exterior Christmas decorating is how to hang them. At local crafting and do-it-yourself stores, door hangers just for this item are available. The hanger goes over the top of the door, and includes a hook-like apparatus to hold the decor in place. Available in multiple shapes and sized, you will need to measure your door and decide on the spot you would like to hang the wreath before purchasing the hanger.

Pre-decorated wreaths are available for purchase. They are typically available in a wide range of colors including the classic reds and greens. For the decorator who wishes to personalize thier door decorations, creating an attractive wreath is as simplistic as wrapping it loosely with red or green ribbon and adding a pre-made bow. Christmas tree decorations, including balls and bells may also be added to spruce up the crafting creation.

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Christmas Cards

Holiday door decorating ideas can come from your mailbox. Each year, many hold to the tradition of sending Christmas cards to family and friends. Even work associates often put your address on the list for a note of Christmas spirit. Instead of tossing them on the coffee table, use them for exterior Christmas decorating.

Christmas Cards Greetings - Holiday Door Decorating Ideas and Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating

Christmas Cards Greetings (Holiday Door Decorating Ideas and Easy Exterior Christmas Decorating)

Depending on the finish of your door, you can either use tape or tacky to attach cards to the outside of the door. For those who do not wish to leave excessive adhesive residue, cover the door with a large sheet of colorful paper.

Sort the cards into sizes or base color, or choose to place them randomly. Pick your favorite to create the center of the decoration and build around with the additional cards. As more cards come in, add them to the door. For extremely plain cards, often received from businesses thanking you for your business throughout the year, add a bit of decoration before adding to the door. Pop a present bow onto the top corner or glue a bit of glitter around the edge.

This simple idea lets visitors enjoy the pretty cards you receive and lets you remember that someone cared enough to remember you during the holiday season. It also lets you easily rearrange and change the look of the door with a simple piece of tape.

Holiday Greeting

When gathering holiday door decorating ideas, the answer is often as easy as a few simple words. Door decorations often take on the symbols of the season. Step outside of this box for your exterior Christmas decorating by writing a greeting to all who enter or pass.

Rolled paper is available at crafting stores. Measure your door and purchase a piece of white or light green paper large enough to cover your entire door. Select colored paint in holiday colors. Glitter paint pens work well for the holiday spirit.

Write a greeting on the paper that fits your family. This greeting may be serious, or funny depending on the mood of the household. For example, a humorous family may write:

“Twas the Week before Christmas and all through the House, The Smith’s were all Screaming after Finding a Mouse”‘

A household with small children may choose something about Santa Claus. For example:

“Welcome Santa, Cookies on the table, Milk’s in the Fridge”

Whatever your holiday door decorating idea is, keep it personal and simple to make the most of the season.


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