Easy Tips on How to Fix a Dual Flush Toilet, Try Before Calling a Plumber

How to Fix a Dual Flush Toilet

Some Easy Tips on How to Fix a Dual Flush Toilet — The dual flush toilet was invented in 1980 by an Australian and it was designed to save water over a lifetime. Here you will learn some easy tricks that you can try by yourself on how to fix a dual flush toilet before calling a plumber.

Easy Tips on How to Fix a Dual Flush Toilet

Face it. Your toilet is probably not the most popular topic of conversation at parties. While waste disposal is a necessary part of life, it is not something often discussed and an area in which it can take time of the general population to make changes in their habits. In the 1980’s an Australian firm introduced the dual flush toilet. It is designed to use different amounts of water to flush liquid waste or solid waste. For a half flush, it uses a little over ½ gallon of water. For a full flush, about 1 ½ gallons. This can be a real savings in both water usage and money over a lifetime. Here you will learn how to fix a dual flush toilet.

The dual flush toilet uses a larger drain hole then standard toilets, so less pressure is needed for a flush, but it also retains less water in the bowl between flushes. This can make getting the water levels properly adjusted for a successful flush more challenging. If the toilet is needing more force when flushed, check to see how open the water supply lines. Opening them more to increase the flow will increase the pressure of a flush. Also make sure that the water level in the tank is high enough to fill the bowl to its water line.

Tips on How to Fix a Dual Flush Toilet

Easy Tips on How to Fix a Dual Flush Toilet, Try Before Calling a Plumber

While a dual flush toilet is less likely to plug than a standard toilet because of its larger drain, it can happen. Check that the drain is open and water is running freely. Also check the jet holes in the bowl to be sure that nothing is blocking them or impeding the flow.

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If the tank is noisy when filing, the water supply lines may be too far open. Try reducing the water level slightly to reduce the pressure of the flow going into the tank. It may take a few adjustments to find the perfect water feed levels.

Difficulties with getting the toilet to begin a flush are often caused by slack in the chain that runs from the handle to the float. Make sure the chain is connect to the trip lever and the flush ball. Adjust the linkage if needed to reduce slack.

Another common issue with toilets is water leakage in the bowl or the toilet flushing itself without anyone touching it. Before calling a plumber, check the seal on the flush ball. More sure that it is setting tight and is not wrapped, cracked or have dirt built up on it. If the flush ball is not sealing properly, replace it. Also check the flush value. If it is worn, misshapen or dirty it may need to be replaced. Make sure that the replace value is aligned properly with the holes.

Most of the fixes above on how to fix a dual flush toilet are easy to do by anyone, without any specialized help.



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