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Kitchen Colors to Compliment Stainless Steel Appliances

Kitchen Colors that Match with Stainless Steel — Brushed chrome and stainless steel appliances, have taken over from the traditional white appliances we’ve been used to in the kitchen. Just like black in clothing, it is not true to say that stainless steel goes with everything. We look at the best kitchen colors that match

How to Properly Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Tips for How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards — Are your kitchen cabinets worn-out, out-dated, or just plain ugly? Learn how to paint kitchen cupboards properly with these simple and useful tips and hints. How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards: Painting Kitchen Cabinets Painting your cupboards is an inexpensive way to spruce up or redecorate a kitchen.

Garage Floor Makeover! Makeover that Drab Garage Floor

Garage Floor Makeover — There are numerous choices available when you are considering a new garage floor makeover. Depending on the time available, and the budget you have set for the remodeling of the new garage floor coverings project, you have many options to make it look good and last a long time. Garage Floor

How to Faux Paint Cabinets to Give a Shabby Chic Distressed Look

How to Faux Painting Cabinets to Create a Shabby Chic Distressed Effect — Wondering how to faux painting cabinets or paint faux aged cabinets? Several techniques, from using crackle glaze to sandpaper, can be employed, to give a realistic shabby chic distressed or aged effect, to any bathroom or kitchen cabinet. Preparation, How to Faux Painting

5 Tips for Adding Style and Comfort with Chair Cushions

Adding a little comfort and style to your home can be done quite easily with the simple addition of chair cushions. Whether your cushions are worn out or you just do not have any the tips below can help. Chair cushions are one of the greatest and easiest additions you can make to your living