Featured of Patio Chair Cushions, Choosing the Perfect Cushions for Your Patio Chairs

Patio Chair Cushions, Choosing the Perfect Cushions for Your Patio Chairs

Choosing patio chair cushions for the first time can be a daunting task, especially if you do not know how to find what you truly want. Included here are some tips for choosing the perfect cushions for your patio chairs. Everything from location to size and color is included here.

Patio Chair Cushions, Perfect Cushions for Your Patio Chairs

Patio Chair Cushions, Choosing the Perfect Cushions for Your Patio Chairs

Where is Your Patio Chair Located?

If your outdoor chair cushions are going to be seeing a lot of weather, then you will want durable chair cushions that are designed to adjust to the harsh weather conditions. If your lawn chair cushions will be exposed to a lot of sunlight, you may want to find cushions made from Poly/Olefin. Patio chair cushions made from Poly/Olefin, a synthetic material, are resistant to fading. Another plus of Poly/Olefin is that chair cushions are also resistant to stains. Although Poly/Olefin outdoor chair cushions do not hold up well to lotion or oil spills, so keep them away from BBQs and suntan lotion.

Patio chair cushions that work well in wet, humid areas are ones made from Acrylic. Acrylic lawn chair cushions are resistant to rot, mold, mildew and fading. Typically Acrylic cushions are pricier than the usual generic spun polyester cushions, it is worth the investment. If you have garden chair cushions, Acrylic will hold up against sprinkler overspray and the general dampness that is usually associated with gardens.

Spun Polyester or Vinyl outdoor chair cushions tend to be priced lower than the above options, and work well with enclosed porches or gazebos. In fact these patio chair cushions will work well anywhere that is in the shade most of the day, is protected from rain and sprinklers.

How Much Time is Spent in the Patio Chair Cushions?

If you have frequent BBQs or spend a lot of time sitting outside in your patio chairs you will want the cushions to be made of a material that will hold up to the use over time. Materials for frequent patio chair use include PVC and Vinyl although many people do not like these cushions because of their stiffness. Spun Polyester, when treated with water-resistant and UV-resistant coatings also makes for excellent patio chair cushions.

When looking at Spun Polyester patio chair cushions, be sure to read the labels to ensure it is coated with water and UV resistant coatings. Regular spun polyester outdoor cushions typically are low in price and low in quality.

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Find the Style that Sets the Mood

If you have frequent get-togethers you will probably want to avoid light colors such as white. When purchasing for garden chair cushions you need to decide if you want bright vibrant colors that will stand out against the green background, or if you would prefer a more muted tone that will become part of the scenery

Patterns are another aspect to consider when purchasing patio chair cushions. We have all seen them, the outdoor cushions that have odd designs and colors that don’t match any garden or patio. With these cushions you have a couple of options, purchase slip covers that are resistant to the elements, make your own slip covers or hold out until you can find the cushions you really want.

Another thing to consider with all outdoor furniture cushions is they need to match the furniture they are being placed on. It is a good idea to measure the seat and back area of each chair you want a cushion for, also take note of how many are square or circular. The last thing you want to do is come home from the store with the wrong number of a certain shape.

Take the Cushions Into Account when Purchasing Outdoor Furniture

Most patio and garden chairs do not come with cushions, this can be a good thing, because then you have the freedom to choose the cushions you want. However, there are patio furniture sets that do come with cushions. When the patio chair cushions are included, you need to take into account the above three tips. If the cushions are going to see a lot of use, you do not want to have low grade cushions. Granted you could always use the included patio chair cushions until they wear down, but you could talk to the store managers and find out if you could make a trade.

Some stores are willing to ‘purchase’ the new cushions from you, then tack on the price of the cushions you really want. This way the store can turn around and sell the original cushions and still make a little more money off of the sale of both sets.

Purchasing patio chair cushions online makes following these tips easier. On most websites you are able to choose your search criteria – which typically include water-resistant, UV-resistant, size, shape and color.

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